Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mom Song

Watching this made me laugh... and want to slow down and love my kids more. This is a must see, you will love it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas in the Sun

I can't believe that today is December 1st! I look out the window and see the sun light on the palm trees in the 75 degree weather and wonder how you celebrate Christmas in this climate... you enjoy every minute of it... that's how. We are in our third week of staying in Arizona with Allen's parents, he has been working with his dad and we have been playing with grandma and Tommy. I'm not sure how much longer we will be here, but we've been having a ton of fun. Now the the Christmas season has launched I do miss the "atmosphere" of Christmas for about 10 minutes and then I get over it and we take a walk or ride our bikes in the great Arizona Sun.

My mother-in-law arranged for Abby to attend Achievement Days in her ward while we were here, they were holding a luau so we dressed up and had a great time, Abby did a dance with all the other girls and I was amazed at how excited she was and how well she mingled with complete strangers.

And of course we have been playing on the beach (a lake beach). I think I could almost stay here all winter.

Yes, my children are actually swimming in the water in mid-November!

We wanted to let Esther Truth experience the water... she was not a fan.

The children collected dozens of these mini-clam shells

When I first visited Allen's home I thought it was so barren and drab, the brown desert mountains seemed so desolate compared to the Wasatch Mountains. But I have really grown to love the rugged beauty of these desert hills.

One day the kids did crafts with grandma, they loved it.

Paul made a mom & a dad with party hats

Denny made a solar system with four planets which I thought was very clever.

Grandma also has Star Wars and a large variety of light sabers... feel the force.

Esther sure feels it

This is her "Two Month" picture, hence the two apples. I just can't believe how fast they grow.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did, I will post about that next.

Merry Christmas All.