Monday, February 25, 2008

Expecting Much

We are pregnant! When we told our children, little Eve raised her hands up and said "Yeeeaaahhh!". She loves babies, and prays "Baby nome" which means I want a baby to come home. All our children pray that we will have twins. Allen and would love that, but it seems that people that want twins don't get them and the people that had never thought of having twins get them. We'll see.


Dan and Alli said...

Oh you guys are so cute!! We got Esther's annoucement and saw your name on her blog. Congrats!!! I'm sad we never see anyone, Dan and I decided we are just too boring for friends (that's why we never hang out with anyone) or it could be that our kids go to bed at 7pm so we never go anywhere! Anyhow congrats you two are awesome!!

David & Jana Corless said...

Yea! I can comment!
We are so excited for you! We hope you get to have twins, too. I love the way Paul looks like Allen did when we were little! You have such a handsome family!
I've bookmarked your blog and will check it for updates now and again. :) Happy blogging!