Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Sick & The Sickest

Well, we had been looking forward to last weekend for months. Every March Diann Jeppsen puts on The Thomas Jefferson Education Forum, and for the past three years she has asked me to teach one of the classes. The convention is at the Hilton hotel in Salt Lake, we had a room for two nights and we had great plans for swimming and relaxing. Then the bomb shell struck, all of us including Allen got really sick (because it's not enough to have morning sickness, I want to get a cold on top of it). When the weekend came I was sick but Allen was sickest, so I basically ran the show. We all had blessings and I felt quite better (which was good since I was presenting at the forum).
We were able to see so many good friends including Steve and Michelle Adams who have been in Florida for the last three years. Notice Allen's red nose in the picture above, that's from blowing it non stop. The Forum was incredible! My two presentations went really well. Taft was able to come at the last minute and good old Robert watched all the kids. My Parents and Don helped us out at our Elocution 360 table, we are doing a seminar in May to help Don finish paying for his mission.

Then we ended up staying for three extra days at my parents house because we were too wiped out and sick to drive home. We had just read in Little House on the Prairie that the whole Engles family got sick and would have died if someone hadn't have just dropped by. So we were grateful to my family for letting us stay so they could take care of us.

The last day that we were there my mom announced that it was time to clean up, and if everyone did their part when the butler came they would get a treat, but only if the butler was satisfied with his inspection. I had to smile because my mom did this with us when we were little, she would put this had on her head and walk through the house speaking with an English accent. We loved it then and my kids loved it just as much. They busily cleaned up all the toys encouraging each other to "hurry before the butler gets here". Then the doorbell rang and it was a man to see my brother Don, but Paul went right up to him and asked "Are you the butler?"

Finally the doorbell rang and in walked the butler, my dad in a trench coat, mustache and boller hat.
The children were in awe and thrilled to get a treat. In the end they knew that it was grandpa, but that didn't matter, they were pretending with him and loving it.

So now we are safe and sound in our own home almost all better. I hope you all are doing well, and that there is no sickness in your family!

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David & Jana Corless said...

I'm glad to hear that everything went well in spite of the sickness until your forum was over and I'm glad you had a place to crash and recover. So did your 360 table get any action? How is all that going?
I'm so glad you're all home safe and happy!