Friday, March 7, 2008

Martha's Book Nook

Yesterday I finished the most incredible book! My good friend recommended it and loaned me her copy, I felt like she had given me the most precious of gifts by introducing me to this inspiring read. I would like to give you the same gift and tell you about it in the hopes that you will read it, so ladies check your local library or you can get used for $2 online. (Those of you who live in Cedar, we have it at our library.) Also if you don't mind reading books online you can find it by googling the title.

Yesterday I was feeling my morning sickness most keenly, so for most of the day I sat in a chair and rotated reading to my children and finishing this book, I must have used half a roll of TP as I cried while reading. This is a story of Abbie Deal who was a pioneer settler in Nebraska. Never have I read a book that so thoroughly depicts what it is like to be a wife and mother. They say that what you do as a mother is not just for your children, but for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. There is that story of the man who is planting oak trees and the town thinks he's crazy, so they tell him so "Why are you planting all those trees, you will never see them in your lifetime?" and the man replied "You thought I was planting these trees for me, no these are for my grandchildren." I always had a hard time understanding this concept, I want big trees right now for me! I don't want to work hard for something that I love and cherish if I won't be able to enjoy it. Why have dreams if you can't make them come true.

But now, because I read this story, I understand... I can see clearer the bigger picture of life and how it all works. Your dreams aren't just for you, that's just selfishness as you see in two of Abbie's daughters, dreams are seeds planted in the heart of everyone you come in contact with. We must have dreams, desires, wishes, for our own sake and our families. The best is yet to come in the future and in the next life.

I appreciate more the sacrifice of my pioneer ancestors, who wanted big things for their families but didn't see it in their lifetime, however I am living it today. Now I am ready to get to work, to gain a vision and work everyday for it in my life and the lives of my posterity, when I think of what I will do today and in a week, month and year I can see my grandchildren and how that will affect them. That gives me strength and courage and purpose to do what needs to be done. I even learned the greatest of lessons by a mistake that Abbie makes with her children.

Please read this book, you will relate to it even though you never rode in a covered wagon or lived in a sodie. I promise you that it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. I plan to read it over and over again through the years.

P.S. I just got off the phone with my sister who read this book years ago and hated it. We talked about it and I can see why she didn't like it, the author of the book wasn't perfect. So I thought it prudent to curb my intensity and retract my "promise" that you will love this book. I still recommend it though, and I won't be offended if you don't like it, after all we are each of us different with varying backgrounds and experiences. Happy day to all of you.


aaron said...

You'd better keep this post a secret. If the government finds out you can plant trees for your grandchildren to enjoy, they'll start taxing oak trees!

Roberts Fam'ly said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Your kids are adorable. I hope we get to see you more, now that we live in Cedar!

David & Jana Corless said...

I got the book from the library and am only a few pages into it. So far, so good!

the penrods said...

hello levies! i wasn't going to leave a comment, but then i saw you have a link to our blog so i thought i'd say hi. isn't blogging great? i love being able to know what my many cousins are up to. because until now, i never did!