Monday, September 15, 2008

Peaches, Bedrest & More Peaches

We drove down to Hurricane (Southern Utah pronunciation is Hurricun) to the Church peach orchard to pick peaches. Since I am pregnant I took it easy and had help carrying buckets, but the next day I had major complications with my pregnancy. So instead of canning my peaches and then going to a nieces baptism and nephews baby blessing that weekend I sent my family off because I was confined to my bed. Then I was tested and it was a false alarm, so here I am with three days with no husband or children, that has not ever happened to me in my whole marriage. So I relaxed and did peaches and read and finally updated my blog. I was very happy to get my family back, the weekend was a bit lonely.

I was able to get so much more done with my children's help then when I was alone. We bottled peaches, peach nectar, peach jam, made peach freezer jam, and sliced peaches to freeze. The children have been wonderful, especially Abby, she loved canning and would wake up every morning saying “When can we bottle fruit mom?” I told them that I would pay them .10¢ for every quart jar that they filled, it was amazing how fast they were, I never filled a single quart, they filled while I boiled the peaches and filled them with water, put on the lids and steamed them, etc. I love having older children that are such good helpers.

Paul had a hard time focusing for very long, he would run off and flap his arms saying “Mom, I’m a bird so you won’t see me again because I will fly away.” Then he would lure Denny away and they pretended to be a Nawk (i.e Hawk) and a Dove chasing each other around the house. Then Dennis would remember his dimes and say “Paul I have to finish my peaches.” We bottles around 110 quarts in addition to all the jam and frozen peaches, it was a grand adventure and I’m glad I could do it before the baby came.

I told Abby that we needed to get some apples so we could can applesauce and she said "Mom, are you kidding? You are going to have a baby, we can't do anymore canning." I suppose she's right, it's a good thing my children keep me in line :)


Cindy said...

Wow, that's a TON of peaches! Sounds like a great project.
A weekend to yourself...that sounds like heaven. It's always nice to have a break before a new baby.

Tress said...

The peaches look beautiful! I don't like bottling, but I do like eating them later. :) I am glad you and the baby are okay!

Kristin said...

110!! You are the man, the canning man I mean.
What was the false alarm about? Glad you're both ok. When are you due again?

barrettandaudrey said...

You are amazing, I am jealous. I love canning but can't do it this year. I am glad that it was a false alarm. Good luck with the new little one and I want to see pictures of you pregnant and the baby when he/she comes.

Kiri Levie said...

I wish I could've been there to help and learn from you! I want to do canning and make jams and stuff.

PS Congrats on the baby, hope you are doing well!!

Lissa, Dave and kids said...

That looks like fun! I hope to get into canning next fall (hopefully we'll have a successful garden)
A few days alone sounds great! I don't think I'd know what to do with myself without kids running around needing me for something! Good luck with the upcoming birth

David and Jana said...

Good Work! Just in time, too! When do we get to see pictures of that baby??!!!!! Just wondering, Aunt Jana is a little anxious!

Melinda said...

Yummy! I love peaches. Your helpers are gettin so big!!! Glad to find your blog.